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Hair Treatment Center Dubai

Ever since its inception in 1984, our organization has always aimed to serve one purpose, and that is to identify and treat hair and skin disorders. What separates us from the plethora of other commercial brands available today is the fact that our products comprise naturally occurring compounds from a large variety of Ayurvedic herbs and numerous plant sources.

Our concept is derived from a fusion of modern medicine and the ancient principles of Ayurveda that have benefited society for centuries.

At our establishments, clients will undergo a thorough diagnosis by a trained professional who will then recommend the course of treatment that is specific to the experienced condition.

Our Avant-garde approach towards health and wellness has lead to the achievement of numerous awards and accolades, however, we continually strive to achieve the highest of standards in order to cater to the clients every need.


Hair Treatment Center Jumeirah

The 1980s was a decade that witnessed extraordinary social and economic change, Michael Jackson dazzled us with the moonwalk, Mike Tyson became the youngest Heavyweight Champion in boxing history and Halley’s comet visited earth once again. But for one young woman, it was a time that marked the beginning of her journey towards achieving her dreams.

As a budding entrepreneur, Neeta Gosalia was bursting with energy, ambition and a strong desire to create something for the benefit of society. However, as time passed, an unforeseen obstacle stood in her way, she began to suffer a severe form of hair-loss. This embarrassing and distressing condition had led her to many doctors, pharmacists and practitioners of almost every health related field known to man.

She spent a fortune on commercial products that promised to alleviate the symptoms of hair-loss, but all her efforts yielded nothing.

After having exhausted all options, she decided to travel to India in search of alternative methods to help rid her of her condition. It was there that she stumbled upon the solution to her problem in the form of Ayurveda, where the use of basic herbs and a variety of other simple changes had allowed her to regain her hair along with her confidence.

Having personally experienced the effectiveness of this medical system, she decide to promulgate this knowledge to all those in need of a solution.

Having already achieved an International Beauty Certificate in the field of cosmetology, she took it upon herself to master Ayurvedic medicine.

Today she is the founder and chairman of Neeta’s Herbal International and her treatment methods are propagated through outlets across the globe, where hair-loss truly can become a thing of the past.


In attempting to cure any physiological disorder, it is necessary to possess a detailed understanding of the intricacies of the human body.

The cell is the basic unit of life, and within it lies a vast collection of information, in the form of DNA and protein, that dictate the function and outcome of every single process in our body.

Cells have a variety of functions, some cells form complex structural elements such as cartilage and bone, whilst others manufacture various compounds including hormones, cytokines* (specialized proteins) and antibodies. In addition, cells such as nerves are specialized in that they transfer information from one location to another. Distinct compilations of cells also make up organs such as the kidney, liver and skin.

On the other hand despite their unique attributes, all cells have a number of elements in common, these include a central nucleus (in which DNA and Genetic material is stored) a surrounding cytoplasm (which contains the machinery of cell function), and an outer cell membrane (which receives and transmits signals to other cells and to the environment).

Cells usually communicate through

  • Physical contact via the formation of channels and junctions
  • Transmitting and receiving signaling molecules
  •    Transmission via nerve cells

    Disruption of any of these communication pathways can result in disease and disorder.

The skin, being the largest organ in the body, consisting of approximately 1 billion cells, has an intricate system that that involves intercellular communication to mediate its various activities.

Based on modern medicine, the causes of skin disorder can be offset by inappropriate cell function that is usually caused by pathogens (bacteria, virus etc), environmental factors such as excessive exposure to UV, and a variety of other toxic chemicals that are easily found in a polluted environment or unhealthy food sources.

Ayurveda takes this understanding further to explain that such changes in cell function are not based solely on the effects of external stimuli, but also by subtle defects within the bodies constitution which increases ones susceptibility to these environmental risk factors.

Thus emphasis must be placed on bringing the human body into a balanced state, using an active regime of herbal remedies and lifestyle of proper nutrition and exercise.

* Cytokines are relatively small proteins that are produced by mostly leukocytes (white blood cells) and some non-leukocytic cells. These proteins act as intercellular messengers to regulate the behaviour of adjacent and distant cells.

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B Block - Al Attar Center -

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United Arab Emirates

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